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Rent a motorbike Yamaha Aerox 155 in Phuket

  • Make reservation

    To reserve this scooter, please drop us any message directly to WhatsApp: +66-82-30-30-400


  • Prices (september-october)

    Yamaha Aerox 155 (2018 YOM):
    Monthly: 2700 baht (90 baht/day).

    Yamaha Aerox 155 (2019 YOM):
    7 days: 170 baht/day;
    10 days: 160 baht/day;
    14 days: 150 baht/day;
    Monthly: 3200 baht (~110 baht/day).

  • Rental and delivery conditions

    Minimum rental period: 7 days.
    We provide any amount of helmets, includind kids helmets, for free.
    Cost of delivery depends on many factors. Our manager will let you know final cost of your order including delivery.
    Driving experience with a scooter or motorcycle is strictly required.
    We DO NOT hold your passport as security guarantees.
    Refundable deposit: 3000 baht or $100.

Yamaha Aerox 155

Gear power: 155 сс.
Trunk size: medium
Tank capacity: 4,6 l
Weight: 117 kg.
Year of manifacture: 2018

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